Nanexa signs evaluation agreement with a Global Pharmaceutical Company

30 August, 2022
- Press Release

Nanexa AB (publ) today announce that the company has signed a Material Transfer and Feasibility Study Agreement with an option to license, with a Global Pharmaceutical Company, for evaluation of the PharmaShell® drug delivery system making a depot formulation of a specific compound.

This feasibility study is directed towards a specific commercial drug product using the PharmaShell technology with the intention to make a long-acting injectable product for local release.

“A very interesting approach in this evaluation using our PharmaShell system where the high drug load we can accomplish is a true key benefit. Having a local and targeted release of the active compound could potentially give multiple benefits over a systemic administration. It is also very exciting for Nanexa to enter into the collaboration with this major pharmaceutical company and we look forward to starting the work shortly with the aim to generate results that can provide basis for further development,” says David Westberg, CEO of Nanexa.

The agreement regulates, among other things, details of what shall be investigated, clarification regarding patent rights, a determined fee to Nanexa for this evaluation, and an option to license.