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  1. 2007

    Anders Johansson and Mårten Rooth, together with Christian Östberg, Jessica Östberg, Jan-Otto Carlsson and Mats Boman found Nanexa to explore new capabilities and research areas for the advanced coating technology ALD.

  2. 2008

    Mårten Rooth starts working full-time for Nanexa, supported in an advisory role by a small team of academics from the University of Uppsala, and one business director.

  3. 2009-2010

    Mårten starts to build Nanexa’s first lab, at a facility close to the University. Anders joins Mårten working full-time in late 2009. The company buys its first ALD reactor.

    First projects focus on ALD in medical devices, including collaborations on ALD coatings for dialysis filters, with Gambro, and prenatal sensors, with Neoventa.

  4. 2010-2012

    Nanexa’s 10-plus parallel projects attract funding and small grants from the EU and Vinnova as well as original investors.

  5. 2013

    A big pharma company visit the team and raise the challenge of drug delivery, particularly instability and control. Nanexa proposes coating APIs in an ALD shell to increase stability and control. After many long nights, the first Patent for a nanocoated version of an API is submitted in 2013. PharmaShell® is born.

  6. 2015

    CEO David Westberg joins Nanexa, bringing extensive experience in pharmaceutical product development from companies including Pharmacia-Upjohn and Orexo. David leads Nanexa through a successful IPO.

  7. 2016-2017

    Joel Hellrup (Head of Pharmaceutical Development) joins Nanexa and Nanexa begins successfully applying PharmaShell® to biologics, publishing a first paper on ALD coatings of spray-dried lactose in 2017.

  8. 2017

    Nanexa buys its second ALD reactor.

  9. 2018

    Nanexa begins formulating NEX-18, a new generic Long-Acting Injectable version of Azacitidine - the active substance in the drug Vidaza®, the first-line treatment for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS).

  10. 2019

    Nanexa buys its third ALD reactor. PharmaShell® granted patent in the US and Japan.

  11. 2020

    A collaboration agreement with the world’s largest manufacturer of ALD equipment Applied Materials is announced as its investment group Applied Ventures invest in Nanexa to support scaling up Nanexa’s GMP industrial production facility for ALD-coated Long-Acting Injectables.

  12. 2021

    Nanexa begins its Phase I clinical trial of NEX-18 for MDS at Karolinska University Hospital, the world’s first study of an ALD-coated Long-Acting Injectable. The first patient is included in the Study in May. China approved patent for PharmaShell®.