21 December, 2022

Invitation to commentary regarding Nanexa’s press release on 21 December 2022

Nanexa AB (publ) comments, on the 22 of December 2022, on the occasion of the press release on 21 December 2022, and invites to a live commentary.


21 December, 2022

Nanexa signs an exclusivity and evaluation agreement worth SEK 46.1 million and completes a directed share issue of SEK 17.2 million to Novo Nordisk

Nanexa AB (publ) (“Nanexa” or the “Company”) today announces that the Company has signed a Material Transfer and Feasibility Study Agreement (the “Evaluation Agreement”) with leading global pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk A/S (”Novo Nordisk”) for the evaluation of Nanexa’s drug delivery system PharmaShell® with Novo Nordisk products. As part of the Evaluation Agreement, Nanexa will receive payments of approximately SEK 46.1 million for providing Novo Nordisk exclusivity and performing work under the Evaluation Agreement, whereof approximately SEK 41.7 million is an upfront payment at signing. In connection with the signing of the Evaluation Agreement, the board of directors of Nanexa also resolved, based on the authorisation granted by the annual general meeting held on 9 June 2022, to carry out a directed share issue to Novo Nordisk of 10,000,000 shares at a subscription price of SEK 1.72 per share (the “Directed Share Issue”) through which Nanexa raises gross proceeds of approximately SEK 17.2 million. The subscription price is equivalent to a premium of 33 percent versus the closing price yesterday for the Company’s shares. In total, Nanexa will thus receive approximately SEK 63.3 million from the Evaluation Agreement and the Directed Share Issue.





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