DISCOVER PharmaShell®


Our advanced drug delivery system PharmaShell® is enabling a new generation of Long-Acting Injectables intending to deliver more comfortable, convenient and tolerable long-term therapies in therapeutic areas from hematology and oncology to cardiovascular disorders, psychiatry and more.

PharmaShell® is based on the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology to enclose drug particles with an extremely thin and dense inorganic coating. The size distribution of the particles and the thickness distribution of the coating lead to slow and continuous release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) into the bloodstream as the coating dissolves. The thickness of the coating can be controlled with atomic level precision, enabling controlled release over days, weeks, or even months. By replacing traditionally administered treatments with long-acting injectables based on PharmaShell, it is possible to reduce healthcare costs, increase compliance and ultimately enable smarter care.

What is PharmaShell®?

Discover our advanced drug formulation technology PharmaShell®, and the unique Atomic Layer Deposition science that it employs.


What are the benefits?

PharmaShell® reduces burden for patients and health care providers.