Nanexa will be a world leading drug development company for Long Acting Injectables, developing a new generation of innovative drug products enabled by our unique PharmaShell® technology

In its state-of-the-art pilot plant and labs in Uppsala, Nanexa runs the development of own product projects and collaborative projects with other pharmaceutical companies, based on the PharmaShell® system.


PharmaShell® gives Nanexa a unique position in the extensive, fast-growing drug delivery market.

Since its founding in 2007, Nanexa has worked with the advanced coating technology Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). Over the years, Nanexa has applied ALD in a range of innovative projects – from detecting nuclear explosions to the advanced coatings on medical devices.

Today, Nanexa is a pharmaceutical company developing injectable drug products based on the proprietary and innovative drug delivery system PharmaShell® – the high drug load delivery system enabling the next generation long-acting injectables through atomic layer precision. Nanexa develops its own products and also has collaboration agreements with several pharma companies, among others AstraZeneca.


Nanexa applies a two-part business model in which the com- pany develops its own product projects, and also enters into cooperation agreements in relation to the PharmaShell system with external pharmaceutical companies for their product projects. For the proprietary product projects, (currently NEX-18 and NEX-20), the objective is primarily to develop projects up to obtaining Proof of Concept (demonstrate effect in human beings) in clinical phase II studies. The projects can subsequently be pursued further, through phase III studies and towards commercialization, either on our own behalf or through licensing agreements with other pharmaceutical companies, depending on what is deemed to create most value for the company.

A license agreement normally includes an initial payment, a so-called signing fee, and milestone payments when certain development goals are achieved during the development and when the drug receives market approval, after which the com- pany receives a sales-based royalty. A desirable partner for NEX-18 or NEX-20 is a global pharmaceutical company with a strong market position in oncology. Another possibility is for Nanexa to enter into agreements with one or more operators with a strong market presence in important regions.

Development in relation to licensing the PharmaShell system is driven and funded by partners in each project. Nanexa is then also expected to be paid for work performed by the company, as well as payment in the form of signing fees, milestone payments and sales-based royalties.

The expectation is that the income from Nanexa’s product projects will be considerably greater than that from licensing of the technology. However, the technology licenses can be higher in number and provide a substantial contribution to income going forward.


Nanexa strives to create long-term value by developing a new form of administration for medicines that can provide people with a better life. The company’s overarching sustainability objectives are thus properly integrated in Nanexa’s vision.

Nanexa’s aim is be a credible, reliable supplier and partner to its customers and collaborative partners, an attractive employer and a beneficial long-term investment for its shareholders.

Social and environmental sustainability is an important part of Nanexa’s work and the business is conducted in accordance with regulatory guidelines and industry standards, which naturally integrate many of the most important sustainability issues. The sustainability work is focused on ensuring that the operations are conducted in accordance with ethical rules and guidelines, taking the environmental impact of both Nanexa’s own operations and the company’s suppliers into account.

Nanexa’s manufacture of materials for use in clinical trials is conducted under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions in accordance with official requirements. Trials and studies are conducted during the preclinical and clinical development phases in order to ensure that the final drugs are both effective and safe. Regulatory approval is always required for clinical studies, which are then carried out within the framework of the country’s legislation and ethical rules. The tests and studies are structured in accordance with current standards, guidelines and directives, e.g. good clinical practice (GCP).

Quality policy

Nanexa develops innovative drug delivery systems with the aim of creating effective solutions to important medical problems. Quality is the aim in every aspect of development, and all employees must have a common sense of responsibility that the company will achieve its goals, as well as those of its collaborative partners. With a thorough quality system, the goal is to meet the requirements set by authorities, both national and international. The company builds in quality from the start in all processes, by continually following up results and constantly improving the processes. The target is for Nanexa to be involved in improving today’s drug treatments within several different medical indications.

Environment and travel

Nanexa strives to directly and indirectly conserve and protect the environment in all parts of its operations, and it consistently endeavours to reduce the use of environmentally hazardous substances to ensure that the company’s environmental impact is as low as possible. The environmental and sustainability efforts shall be based on the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

The company also endeavours to continuously improve its environmental impact by maintaining good work procedures, using environmentally-friendly technology and taking environmental criteria into account when selecting suppliers. The modes of transport used shall always be environmentally-efficient. As a knowledge-intensive company, we want our employees to be able to participate in international conferences and meetings in order to stimulate the development and exchange of ideas and experiences. At the same time, we are keen to reduce the environmental impact caused by unnecessary business trips and we strive to communicate digitally and to always evaluate different opportunities to travel in an environmentally friendly way. We encourage conference calls and online meetings.


Nanexa supports the UN Global Compacts’ ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Nanexa’s aim is openness and transparency in its operations and developing the sustainability efforts is a continually ongoing process. Nanexa’s starting point is that all employees have equal value and equal opportunities, regardless of background and individual differences, and that these differences in interaction increase the ability for development and change and thus become an asset for the organization. The company’s diversity work means to not discriminate, but rather to value and manage diversity. Nanexa continuously reviews the company’s processes to ensure that they function so that a diversity and gender perspective are taken into account when recruiting employees and contracting consultants.

Important goals include achieving a strong commitment to the company’s operations and vision among the employees, and to have a low level of staff turnover.