Upcoming presentations

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Past presentations

2024-05-23 - Redeye Diabetes Event

2024-05-22 - Nanexa – Investor Days May 22-23

2024-05-07 - Capital markets day at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences IVA in Stockholm

2024-03-08 - ABG Sundal Collier – Fireside chat with CEO David Westberg

2024-02-21 - Webbcast with report commentary at 11:30 am with CEO David Westberg.

2023-11-20 - Webbcast with report commentary at 3:00pm with CEO David Westberg and Chairman Göran Ando.

2023-10-24 - Aktieportföljen Live, CEO David Westberg presents

2023-10-19 - Nanexa Redeye Investor Forum Online, CEO David Westberg presents

2023-10-09 - Investor meeting and lunch, at 10 am to 13 pm, with Chairman Göran Ando, CEO David Westberg and the rest of the management team, at Uppsala Business Park.

2023-10-09 - Aktiespararna, Aktiedagen Lund, CEO David Westberg presents

2023-10-04 - Redeye interview with CEO David Westberg

2023-09-25 - Webbcast with commentary on the announced rights issue, with CEO David Westberg and CFO Björn Svanström

2023-08-23 - Webbcast with report commentary at 11:00am with CEO David Westberg and Chairman Göran Ando.

2023-05-31 - ABG Sundal Collier Life Science Summit, CEO David Westberg presents at 11:30

2023-05-24 - ABG Sundal Collier Investor Days, CEO David Westberg presents

2023-05-24 - Redeye Theme: Diabetes, David Westberg presents

2023-05-04 - Webcast with report commentary at 15:00 with CFO Björn Svanström

2023-04-11 - Redeye interview with Chairman Göran Ando and CEO David Westberg regarding NEX-22

2023-02-16 - Webcast med Rapportkommentar, Bokslutskommuniké 2022

2023-01-31 - Aktiespararna, Aktiedagen Lund, vd David Westberg presenterar