David Westberg

CEO since 2015

Born: 1960
Education: MSc in Chemistry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm.

Experience: David Westberg has many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including roles at Pharmacia, Pharmacia-UpJohn and Orexo. He has worked as a global project manager for development projects and was Head of Product Development (Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development) at Pharmacia amongst many other roles. David was also the main project manager who was responsible for taking two major Orexo products (Edluar and Zubsolv) from the early development phase through formulation development and clinical studies and onto registration and market approval with the FDA in the US.

David has also worked as a consultant on a range of business development projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

Other positions: David Westberg has no other assignments.

Holdings in Nanexa: 118 176 shares and 155 000 warrants of series TO 3 (2020/2023:1) and 100 000 warrants of series TO 5 (2021/2024:1). 

Björn Svanström


Born: 1971
Education: MBA, Stockholm School of Economics

Experience: Björn Svanström has extensive experience in economics, finance and the capital market, from roles in Corporate Finance at SEB Enskilda, Group Controller at Teleca AB, CEO of Praktikertjänst’s investment company Praktikerinvest and in recent years as CFO in development housing.

Other positions: CEO and Board member of Novandi Strategy AB.

Holdings in Nanexa: 10 000 shares and 75,000 warrants of series TO 3 (2020/2023: 1) and 50 000 warrants of series TO 5 (2021/2024:1). 

Mårten Rooth


Born: 1977
Education: PhD in Materials Chemistry, Uppsala University.

Experience: Mårten Rooth is a co-founder of Nanexa. He has extensive experience in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), with several published scientific articles in the field.

Other positions: Deputy Board Member of Velotek Sweden AB.

Holdings in Nanexa: 432 000 shares and 50,000 warrants of series TO 3 (2020/2023: 1) and 50 000 warrants of series TO 5 (2021/2024:1). 

Mårten Rooth is independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders but not independent in relation to the company and its management.

Joel Hellrup

Head of Pharmaceutical R&D, employed since 2016

Born: 1983
Education: Pharmacist degree and PhD in pharmaceutical science at Uppsala University.

Experience: Joel Hellrup received his PhD in pharmaceutical science in 2016 from Uppsala University and started as a formulator at Nanexa in the same year. Joel has had a key role in the development of PharmaShell® and has several scientific articles published within the field.

Other assignments: None

Holdings in Nanexa: 7,000 shares, 35,000 warrants of series TO 3 (2020/2023:1) and 20,000 warrants of series TO 5 (2021/2024:1).


Kristine Bäck

Senior project leader, employed since 2022

Born: 1978
Education: Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science ) at Södertörn/Uppsala

Experience: Kristine Bäck has more than 20 years’ experience within the pharmaceuticals industry and development projects with formulation development, preclinical and clinical studies. Kristine has long experience from roles as global project manager for clinical programmes with studies from Phase 1 to market registration and has worked at AstraZeneca, Sobi and Oncopeptides, among other companies.

Other assignments: None

Holdings in Nanexa: 15 000 shares

Anders Johansson


Born: 1976
Education: MSc and PhD in Chemistry, Uppsala University.

Experience: Anders Johansson is a co-founder of Nanexa. He has previous experience of working as a patent consultant at the patent office Bjerkéns KB

Other positions: Co-owner, founder and board member of the company Bara riktig mat och kemi förlag AB.

Holdings in Nanexa: 410,250 shares and 50,000 warrants of series TO 3 (2020/2023: 1) and 50 000 warrants of series TO 5 (2021/2024:1). 

Bengt Gustavsson


Born: 1962
Education: BSc in Pharmacy, Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Uppsala University. EUCOR / ECPM degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine from EUCOR universities in Basel, Freiburg and Strasbourg.

Experience: Bengt Gustavsson has many years’ experience from the pharmaceutical industry in Sweden and the Nordic countries, and has been Nordic Medical Director at Novartis Oncology, Nordic Clinical Research Director at Sanofi-Aventis, Nordic Medical Head of Celgene and Global Head of Medical Affairs på Oncopeptides. Bengt Gustavsson is a former reserve officer in the Swedish Air Force

Other positions: Medical Director at Nanexa since 2021. Owner and CEO of Sangus Jazz AB.

Holdings in Nanexa: 32,000 shares and 106,000 warrants of series TO 4 (2020/2023: 2).

Bengt Gustavsson is independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders but not independent in relation to the company and its management.

Marie Gårdmark


Born: 1965
Education: PhD, Master of Science of Pharmacy (Mpharm)

Experience: Dr Gårdmark has extensive experience in product development of medicines. She has more than 10 years’ experience from leading roles within the Medical Products Agency. As Director of Licensing at the Medical Products Agency, she was responsible for decisions related to drug approvals and decisions on clinical trials and scientific advice. She was also active in the development of guidelines and legislative issues. In addition to this, Dr. Gårdmark has more than 10 years’ experience from senior roles in both big pharma and small pharmaceutical companies, primarily in the area of strategic regulatory issues in connection with product development projects, due diligence activities and advisory meetings with the FDA and EMA. Her main focus has been in preclinical and clinical development.

Other positions: CEO RegSmart Life Science AB

Holdings in Nanexa: 0

Otto Skolling


Born: 1961
Education: MSc in Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm.

Experience: Otto Skolling has worked for more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, primarily in business development and financing, but also product development. Among other roles, Otto has worked at PharmaciaUpJohn (Project Director), Novozymes (Director Product Pipeline, Business Development & Director M&S Biopharmaceutical ingredients), Karolinska Development (Vice President Business Development / Portfolio Management). Otto also has extensive experience from board work in start-up companies in the pharmaceutical industry

Other positions: Responsible for Business Development at Nanexa since 2015, Chief Business Officer at Asarina Pharma AB, Board member in Athera Biotechnologies AB, Lipidor AB and Bactaviva AB, CEO and Board member in Isles of Wines AB and CEO and chairman of Pharmor AB.

Holdings in Nanexa: 9,600 shares and 106,000 warrants of series TO 4 (2020/2023: 2), via companies

Otto Skolling is independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders but not independent in relation to the company and its management.

Sven Undeland


Born: 1961
Education: MSc in Chemical and Administrative Sciences., University of Karlstad

Experience: Sven has broad commercial and clinical experience from the international pharmaceutical industry, based on leading positions within Pharmacia, AstraZeneca and Orexo. Sven’s strength is to provide strategic commercial support in life science projects under development, preparing the projects for successful licensing or launch. In addition, Sven has several years’ experience in business development and has successfully negotiated and completed several license agreements.

Other positions: Consultant in Life Science

Holdings in Nanexa: 0

Mikael Asp


Born: 1962
Education: MSc Chemical Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Experience: Mikael Asp has more than 30 years’ experience in development, Quality Assurance and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Mikael has worked at Pharmacia, Fresenius-Kabi, Pfizer, Oasmia and others, as Production manager, Quality manager, CTO and CEO.

Other positions: Board member of iATI Pharmaqua AB

Holdings in Nanexa: 3 624 shares