Nomination Committee for Nanexa AB (publ) Annual General Meeting 2023

10 November, 2022
- Regulatory

The Nomination Committee has been appointed in Nanexa AB (publ) for the Annual General Meeting 2023 in accordance with the principles adopted by Nanexa’s Annual General Meeting on 9 June 2022.

The members of the Nomination Committee are appointed by the three largest shareholders in the company by votes as of 30 September 2022. In the event that one of the three largest shareholders does not wish to appoint a member, the fourth largest shareholder shall be asked and so on until the Nomination Committee consists of three members. The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be adjunct member of the Nomination Committee.

For 2023, there have been no changes in the proposals for members, and the members of the Nomination Committee are therefore:

  • Philip Norin
  • Hanno Lindroth, appointed by Mårten Rooth
  • Christian Östberg, appointed by Anders Johansson
  • Göran Ando, Chairman of the Board, adjunct

The Nomination Committee's proposals are presented in the notice of the 2023 Annual General Meeting and on the company's website,

Shareholders may contact the Nomination Committee with suggestions regarding its work by sending e-mail to (heading "Nanexa's Nomination Committee") or by letter to: Nanexa AB, Attn: Nanexa's Nomination Committee, Virdings Allé 2, SE-754 50, Uppsala, Sweden. The date of the 2023 Annual General Meeting and the latest date for submitting proposals to the Nomination Committee will be announced on Nanexa's website before the end of 2022.