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Uppsala 23rd November 2018


Nanexa has completed the safety laboratory for the PharmaShell® process


Nanexa has now finished the building of a security classed laboratory in Uppsala, which enables the company to work with cytostatics and other potent drugs. The laboratory has been built in accordance with current working environment regulations and is adapted to be able to produce materials for use in both preclinical and clinical studies. Nanexa now has the capacity to manufacture trial material for clinical trials for, among other things, the company’s product project NEX-18.


Nanexa’s CEO David Westberg comments:

As we see it, this is a completely world-unique entity. It is most likely the first plant for ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) intended to coat potent drugs and also prepared to manufacture under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions, which is a necessity for materials to be used for clinical trials.

It is also a significant strength that we have increased the capacity within the Company, which allows us to work flexibly with existing staff and without being dependent on other companies’ bookings and priorities.


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Nanexa AB is a nanotechnology drug delivery company focusing on the development of PharmaShell®, which is a new and groundbreaking drug delivery system that is expected to have great potential in a number of medical indications. Within the framework of PharmaShell®, Nanexa has partnership agreements with among others, AstraZeneca.