Uppsala 15thNovember 2018


Nanexa receives Notice of Allowance for its US patent application


The US patent office has issued a “Notice of Allowance” in Nanexa´s US patent application regarding the Company’s drug delivery platform PharmaShell®. The Notice of Allowance acknowledges that the application is presently considered to be in an allowable state. However, the process is ongoing, so it is not possible today to foresee when the patent will be granted.


Nanexa’s CEO David Westberg comments:

The US Patent Office has just indicated that it is of the view that Nanexa’s technology is patentable. This is obviously something that we regard as very positive. We look forward to obtaining an issued patent for the PharmaShell® technology in the important US market in due course which will obviously be a big step forward for Nanexa.


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About Nanexa AB (publ)

Nanexa AB is a nanotechnology drug delivery company focusing on the development of PharmaShell®, which is a new and groundbreaking drug delivery system that is expected to have great potential in a number of medical indications. Within the framework of PharmaShell®, Nanexa has partnership agreements with among others, AstraZeneca.