Uppsala 19th November 2019


Nanexa signs agreement with US pharmaceutical company for evaluation of PharmaShell®


Nanexa has today signed a Material Transfer and Feasibility study Agreement with an unnamed global pharmaceutical company located in the US and a subsidiary of a global Japanese pharmaceutical company. The company is running a project aimed at further developing one of its new tablet products and creating an injectable drug that will release active substance for four weeks. The goal of the now signed agreement is for the company to conduct an initial evaluation of PharmaShell® as a drug delivery system for this product.

The agreement regulates, among other things, details of what is to be investigated and clarification of patent rights as well as a stipulated minor compensation that accrues to Nanexa for this evaluation.


The company’s CEO David Westberg comments:

It is really gratifying that this company now wants to start an evaluation of PharmaShell® for one of its important Life Cycle Management projects. We look forward to starting the practical work as soon as possible and in the near future we can generate results that can form the basis for a potentially deeper and longer product development agreement.