Uppsala 29th May 2019


Nanexa’s collaboration is entering a new phase

The Swedish pharmaceutical company that started the evaluation of Nanexa’s drug delivery platform PharmaShell has now decided to go ahead and extend the evaluation of PharmaShell® as a drug delivery platform for one of their product projects.

The evaluation, which started in January, has yielded promising results and the work in the new phase now goes towards directing the release towards a specific target image for the intended product. This phase also includes an in vitro evaluation which is planned to be followed up by another in vivo study.

In the now-agreed collaboration, which is governed by the same “Material Transfer and Feasibility study agreement” signed on the 17th of December, 2018, Nanexa receives smaller payments on delivery of in vitro results and on delivery of materials to an in vivo study. The Swedish pharmaceutical company with which Nanexa has signed an agreement also pays for the in vivo study planned within the framework of the evaluation.


Nanexa’s CEO David Westberg comments:

The collaboration and evaluation of PharmaShell® has gone completely according to plan. It is therefore gratifying that our partner wants to move on with a more specific assignment that takes us closer to a possible product candidate and a potential long-term collaboration.


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