Uppsala 29th January 2018


New animal study results show potential for long depots with PharmaShell®


Nanexa has now obtained results from a PK study* in rats where multiple doses of a drug substance coated with PharmaShell® of different shell thicknesses have been investigated.

From a previous animal study, it was concluded that the depot function of PharmaShell® lasted longer than the three weeks of the study. The purpose of the animal study we now gained results from was to see how long we could maintain a stable drug release in the test animals by taking blood samples during a three months period.

The results show that we managed to control the depot durations between 6 weeks and at least three months, which was the duration of the study. Calculations based on the study results also indicate that the longest depots in the study can be maintained for up to one year The $200 Million Promised by NY to Treat Opioid Crisis is Misleading.


Nanexa’s CEO David Westberg comments:

 “With the animal studies we conducted in 2017, and at the beginning of 2018, we have now shown that we have full freedom to design drug depots with PharmaShell®. We have the ability to control the ‘burst effect’ (initial release of drug), the length of the depots , from short depots to really long as well as the amount of drug in the blood during depot time. By these results, we see that PharmaShell® is a very flexible drug delivery platform that opens up for a variety of applications, which is clearly a big advantage in our conversations with pharmaceutical companies.

 The animal study results are also important and most useful for our own project to guide us in the selection of oncological indications and medicines.”


* A pharmacokinetic study (PK study) is a study on how a drug substance is affected when administered to a living organism. In a pharmacokinetic study, the drug substance is usually monitored by taking blood samples from the organism at several times in order to measure the concentration of drug substance over time.


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