Uppsala 16th January 2019


New preclinical results optimal for the NEX-18 project

Nanexa has today obtained results from a preclinical pharmacokinetic study (a so-called PK study) in the rat with its drug delivery system PharmaShell®. This time, the shells of PharmaShell have been designed to give a shorter release, around one week, and at the same time eliminate the initial release (the so-called “burst”) to avoid an initial release stop of the drug.

The results of the study clearly show that the new design of PharmaShell® provides an optimal basis for the NEX-18 project * where such a release profile is sought.


Nanexa’s CEO David Westberg comments:

We have already shown that we can create a formulation with limited initial release. The fact that we have now succeeded in eliminating this concentration peak completely is quite unique. Through this progress, we can significantly limit side effects that are due to excessive concentrations of drugs in the blood. At the same time, we managed to create a one-week depot preparation demonstrating the strength and flexibility of the PharmaShell® platform. We now have results that support both short and long depot preparations, which opens up for several uses.


* The NEX-18 project is the product project that Nanexa is running to improve the treatment of MDS / AML leukemia indications.


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Nanexa AB is a nanotechnology drug delivery company focusing on the development of PharmaShell®, which is a new and groundbreaking drug delivery system that is expected to have great potential in a number of medical indications. Within the framework of PharmaShell®, Nanexa has partnership agreements with among others, AstraZeneca.