Uppsala 12th Sep 2017


Positive safety results from animal studies with PharmaShell®


Following the animal study conducted by Nanexa during the current quarter, tissues of the experimental animals were analyzed for metal content. The results from the study show that no metal accumulation occurs in the liver, spleen, lungs or brain.

PharmaShell® is made of metal oxide shell (alumina in the studied case) that is applied directly to drug particles and provides a very tight containment of the particles. This can provide the opportunity to control drug release and it also have a number of other benefits.

In contacts with the pharmaceutical industry, the question has been raised about metal ions from PharmaShell® ill become enriched in organs such as liver, spleen, lungs or brain. To verify that this is not the case, tissue samples from critical organs have been taken after completion of animal studies and then analyzed for aluminum.

Aluminum levels in the organs of rats injected with PharmaShell® did not exceed the aluminum content in the organs of the control group, i.e. no enrichment of aluminum in the organ tissue could be detected.


The company’s CEO David Westberg comments:

“During product development of drugs based on new drug delivery systems, the issue of biodistribution often occurs, i.e. if material from the drug delivery platform itself is enriched in vital organs such as liver, spleen, lungs and brain. Therefore, it was natural for us to investigate this in the animal study in rats we have just completed on PharmaShell®. These results strengthen Nanexa’s position in discussions with future partners from the pharmaceutical industry.”


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About Nanexa AB

Nanexa AB is a nanotechnology drug delivery company focusing on the development of PharmaShell®, which is a new and groundbreaking drug delivery system that is expected to have great potential in a number of medical indications. Within the framework of PharmaShell®, Nanexa has partnership agreements with among others, AstraZeneca.