David Westberg, CEO

CEO of Nanexa since 2015.

Master of Science in Polymer Chemistry from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Mr. Westberg has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry from, among others, Development Manager, and Global Project Manager at Pharmacia and Pharmacia UpJohn. He has also been head of project management at Orexo for two drug projects, taken from idea to approved product, and launch in the United States. Mr. Westberg has also worked as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry with business development.


Mårten Rooth, Senior scientist

Research and laboratory manager at Nanexa since 2008.

PhD in Materials Chemistry from Uppsala University. Dr. Rooth is co-founder of Nanexa and since 2007 employed by the company. He has many years of experience with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), with numerous published scientific articles in the field.


Anders Johansson, Senior scientist

Development and patent manager at Nanexa since 2009.

PhD in Materials Chemistry from Uppsala University. Dr. Johansson is co-founder of Nanexa. He has previous experience of work as a patent attorney at the patent office Bjerkéns KB. Dr. Johansson is responsible for the development work, with Nanexa’s patent portfolio in focus.


Joel Hellrup, Formulation manager

Formulation manager at Nanexa since 2016.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Uppsala University. Dr. Hellrup has experience with drug formulation and a number of published scientific articles in this area. During his time at Uppsala University, Dr. Hellrup and his supervisor, Dr. Denny Mahlin, collaborated with Nanexa to investigate the properties of PharmaShell®.


Emma Mårtensson, Analyst

Responsible for pharmaceutical analysis at Nanexa since 2017.

Pharmacy exam from Uppsala University. Ms. Mårtensson has since her graduation worked as an analytical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry at QuintilesIMS, Läkemedelsverket, and Oasmia AB.


Scientific and business advisors and consultants


Otto Skolling

Business Development Consultant for Nanexa.

Mr. Skolling has a master in chemical engineering and has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


Sven Undeland

Consultant in market analysis and business development for Nanexa

Mr. Undeland’s expertise includes more than 20 years of experience in market analysis, business development and project management in the pharmaceutical industry.


Nanexa also has a network of consultants in pre-clinics, medical expertise and regulatory issues.