Uppsala 19th November 2019


The US Patent Office has approved Nanexa’s expanded patent application for the drug delivery platform PharmaShell®.


The US Patent Office has today approved another patent application for Nanexa. The currently approved patent has broader protection than the patent that was approved earlier this year and includes the use of PharmaShell® products for multiple administration methods, such as parenteral injection, inhalation and oral preparations.

The US Patent Office has issued a patent on November 19, 2019. The now approved patent covers the product itself PharmaShell® as well as the method for its manufacture and formulations of PharmaShell® coated drugs.

The company’s CEO David Westberg comments:

The currently approved patent relates to PharmaShell®, which is administered in a variety of ways, for example by parenteral injection, inhalation and by oral preparations. This means broadening our patent protection and creating further opportunities for commercial agreements going forward.