Nanexa initiates complementary preclinical studies

25 October, 2021
- Press Release

Nanexa AB today announces that the company has initiated complementary preclinical studies to investigate what caused the moderate skin reactions that occurred in the company’s phase I study with NEX-18, a depot formulation of 5-azacitidine.

As communicated previously, the inclusion of patients in the NEX-18 study has been paused due to moderate skin reactions at the injection site, and an investigation has been initiated to clarify the cause. The investigation is carried out in collaboration with the clinics in the study and is expected to be concluded during the fourth quarter 2021.

To make sure that the NEX-18 project proceeds in the most optimal way, Nanexa has initiated complementary preclinical studies in pigs that are expected to be concluded in the first quarter 2022.

“We are doing these complementary preclinical studies in pigs in order to get a clear understanding of what caused the skin reactions and how we could minimize local skin reactions in connection with NEX-18 administration,” said David Westberg, CEO of Nanexa.