Nanexa receives grant from VINNOVA for study with monoclonal antibodies

24 May, 2022
- Press Release

Nanexa AB today announced that the company has been granted funding under the VINNOVA project "Verification in Test Center, Part III" for a maximum amount of SEK 290,000. The funds will be used for an internal research project at Nanexa with the aim of coating monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with PharmaShell®.

The project is entitled: "A proof-of-concept study of applying prolonged-release coatings onto monoclonal antibodies using the PharmaShell® technology".

"We are seeing increased interest in PharmaShell among the really big pharmaceutical companies, including applications with biologics such as peptides, proteins, polysaccharides and not least mAbs. It is therefore very gratifying that we can now conduct our own studies with mAbs and demonstrate the benefits of PharmaShell in this expansive and very interesting field," says David Westberg, CEO of Nanexa.