Nomination commitee

According to the principles for the appointment of the Nomination Committee adopted by Nanexa’s Annual General Meeting 2023, the members of the Nomination Committee shall be appointed by the three largest shareholders of the company in terms of votes. In case any of the three largest shareholders do not wish to appoint a member, the fourth largest shareholder shall be consulted and so on until the nomination committee consists of three members. More than ten shareholders need not, however, be consulted. The Chairman of the Board shall be co-opted to the nomination committee.

For the 2024 AGM, the following persons have been appointed to the Nomination Committee.

  • Marlon Värnik, appointed by Exelity AB
  • Christian Östberg, appointed by Gerhard Dal
  • Göran Ando, styrelseordförande, adjungerad

The Nomination Committee shall prepare proposals for the following resolutions for the 2024 Annual General Meeting:

  1. proposal for election of chairman of the annual general meeting,
  2. proposal for fees to the Board of Directors and remuneration to the Company’s auditors,
  3. proposal for election of board members,
  4. proposal for election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors
  5. proposal for election of auditors, and
  6. proposal for principles for appointment of members of the nomination committee and proposal for resolution on guidelines for the nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2025.

The Nomination Committee’s proposal is presented in the notice to the AGM 2024 and on the company’s website,