15 April, 2021

Nanexa announces second investment from Applied Ventures

On December 17, 2020, Nanexa AB (publ) (“Nanexa” or “the Company”) announced that the Company has entered into an investment agreement with Applied Ventures, LLC (“Applied Ventures”), the venture capital arm of Applied Materials, Inc., through which Applied Ventures intends to invest up to USD 3 million in Nanexa during 2021 to support Nanexa’s continued development and expansion. On January 12, 2021 Nanexa issued 686,492 shares, corresponding to an investment amount of USD 1m, and 3,558,278 warrants of the 2020/2021 series (the “Warrants”) to Applied Ventures. The Warrants carry the right, but not the obligation, for Applied Ventures to subscribe for up to 3,558,278 shares in Nanexa during two exercise periods, April 1-15, 2021 and December 1-15, 2021. Applied Ventures decides the number of Warrants to be exercised during each subscription period. The subscription price shall be equal to volume-weighted average price during the ten trading days immediately before the respective subscription period, less ten percent. In the first subscription period under the investment agreement, April 1-15, 2021, Applied Ventures has subscribed to 480,879 shares at SEK 8,95 per share, equaling SEK 4.3 million or around USD 0.5 million.

12 April, 2021

The covid situation at Uppsala University Hospital affects the start of the NEX-18 phase Ia study

Nanexa’s planned phase Ia study in the NEX-18 project was set to start on April 15. The clinic at Uppsala University hospital informed Nanexa last Friday that their staff need to be used in other departments for covid care, and therefore, the study can not be started as planned on the 15th. The company is in close contact with the clinic to find the quickest solution possible. On Nanexa’s other study site, at the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, preparations are ongoing and the study is expected to start according to plan by end of April.


14 april, 2021

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8 februari, 2021

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